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Thule foot packs and clamps

There is a Thule foot pack and foot clamps available for virtually all cars on the road today. Whether your car's roof has fixed points, raised or flush fitting roof rails, T-tracks or a standard roof with no evident roof bar fastening points, there is a dedicated Thule foot pack or clamp set for the job. In fact, with the exception of convertibles, Thule is likely to have a suitable roof bar option in their product line.

To find out what fits your car, go to our simple Thule Roof Bar Guide and select your vehicle.

We hope you find all of the information you need in our roof bar guide, but if you have any questions, please contact us - We are here to help!

Current Thule foot pack models include; 7104, 7105, 7106, 7107, 7204, 7205, 7206, 7207