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Thule Rear Mounted Cargo Systems

Thule rear mounted cargo boxes provide useful additional luggage capacity to your vehicle without taking up space on the car roof and can be easily accessed for loading and unloading at a convenient height from the ground.

If you have a towbar on your vehicle, then why not increase your boot space with a Thule rear mounted cargo box. For instance, the all new Thule Arcos includes its own mounting platform and offers up to 400 litres of valuable extra luggage capacity.

A rear mounted luggage box is the perfect luggage carrying solution for EV's as well as those vehicle's with high fuel comsumption whereby, it is not always desirable to fit a roof box. Tests by a popular Swedish motoring magazine have shown that a rear mounted cargo storage box can improve the airflow accross the vehicle and as a result has very little or no adverse effect on EV range or fuel consumption. In fact, in many cases, it can even extend range or lower fuel consumption.

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