Water & Winter Sports Carriers

Water & Winter Sports Carriers

Water Sports and Winter Sports

Thule takes water and winter sports very seriously, after all, recreational activities not only keep us fit both mentally and physically, they are also a lot of fun to engage in. This is why your adventure starts at home when you eagerly load your car in preparation for a safe journey to your holiday destination.  Thule offers the ideal solution whether you're carrying a small boat, a kayak, a SUP, or skis. You can view the range of Thule products by just clicking the links below. 

Ski Drive  

If you are planning a ski drive holiday what better way to travel than with a stunning Thule roof box or perhaps a dedicated ski rack, which come in all sizes.  You will also need a set of snow socks or chains which you can find by visiting our sister website snowchains.co.uk.


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