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Take your bike on the car roof!

Thule roof mounted bike racks are available as full upright and fork mounted versions. Both have their advantages and it is often down to personal preference as to which type is best. Each model is supplied with matching locks and keys for locking the bike to the bike rack and the rack to the roof bars. In most cases, can match the locks to other Thule products, so that everything can be operated with the same key. 

Thule FreeRide 532

From £69.95 incl. VAT

Thule ProRide 598

From £115.95 incl. VAT

£123.00 incl. VAT

Thule ProRide Black 598B

From £129.95 incl. VAT

£139.00 incl. VAT

Thule OutRide 561

£129.95 incl. VAT

Thule FastRide 564

£144.95 incl. VAT

Thule TopRide 568

£199.95 incl. VAT

Thule UpRide 599

£189.95 incl. VAT

£194.00 incl. VAT

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