Thule One Key System

RSP UP TO £ 29.95 + VAT Our Price Is TOTALLY FREE*

Thule One Key System makes it a simple task to add matching lock barrels so you end up with everything locked with the same key. Normally you have to pay for this option by purchasing an extra four, six or eight barrels. However when you buy Thule equipment from us there is no added cost since, whenever possible, we will change the locks to matching ones FREE OF CHARGE. 
Even if you own locking Thule bars or an existing cycle carrier and purchase additional equipment we can still match the locks FREE OF CHARGE.

Q. Do I need to initially purchase locks for the bars?
A. Not always since some Thule roof bars are supplied complete with locks.

Q. What if don't have the barrels to match your key number?
A. It's normally not a problem since in most cases we can supply new barrels for everything and take back your old ones.

Q. Can I obtain spare keys if they are lost or need replacement?
A. Yes just click here to order spare keys.

Q. Can I obtain spare locks if they are damaged or need replacement?
A. Yes just click here to order spare locks.

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