Thule 7205 Edge Clamp

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The new secure foot pack for cars with normal roofs

The all new Thule 7205 Edge Clamp is the latest generation of the Thule foot packs and can be used with Thule's new WingBar Edge roof bars. It is designed to fit cars with normal roofs without fixed mounting points or roof rails. The Edge Clamp is used in conjunction with a fitting kit and two of Thule WingBar Edge roof bars in the correct length(s) for the vehicle.

To identify the correct parts needed for your vehicle, it is necessary to go to our Thule Roof Bar Guide. Thule Evo Clamps are supplied as a set of four feet.  Subject to the recommended maximum load carrying capacity for the vehicle, the Evo Clamp is rated for a maximum load of 75kg. 

Thule Edge Clamp (4 pack) 7205

£167.95 incl. VAT

£170.00 incl. VAT

Thule Edge Clamp (used) sh7205

£117.95 incl. VAT

£170.00 incl. VAT