Which Thule Roof Bars And Their Features

which roof bars which roof bars

Within the current range of Thule roof bars there is today five different designs of roof bars to choose from. With such a wide selection we understand only to well that it can often be fairly difficult to make a choice. Therefore we want to help by making the whole process of selecting the most suitable bars for you as simple as possible.

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Thule WingBar

Thule WingBar Thule WingBar

The wing bars are now our most popular roof bars. This is due to its striking looks and also for its great features. The bars made from aluminium and are shaped like an aeroplane wing which in practice can reduce wind noise by up to 90%. It incorporates a full length T-Track slot at the top of the bar for sliding in any Thule product using T-Track adapters. The T-Track adapters are included in most of the current range of Thule products or can be additionally added as an accessory.

Thule WingBar Edge

Thule WingBar Edge Thule WingBar Edge

The WingBar Edge will available around the end of March 2013. They are similar to the original WingBar but do not extend outside the roof area making them appear sleeker and more bespoke to the car and as a result even quieter with absolutely minimum wind resistance. If you are wanting to put several bikes on the roof or a roof box and bikes etc., it would be best to specify the original WingBar since they are wider but if you want something that looks as neat as possible its well worth considering the WingBar Edge. Currently WingBar Edge models aren't available for every car but the list is growing all the time.

Thule SquareBar

Thule SquareBar Thule SquareBar

Thule classic square bars have been around for many years with millions in regular use throughout the world. They are made from rectangular shaped steel and have a protective hard rubber composite covering. Thule Square Bars are ideal for an entry-level basic set-up.

Thule SlideBar

Thule SlideBar Thule SlideBar

Thule Slide Bars are a revolutionary innovation where they have received a coveted red dot award for its impressive features. The great advantage with the Slide Bars, are as the name suggest, they slide out each side of the car by an extra 60cm. This means your bike carriers or roof boxes can be slid out either side to make loading or unloading as simple and effortless as possible without needing to lean over the vehicle. This useful feature is even more of a must on taller vehicles such as SUV's and 4x4 or for people who are planning to add three or more bikes across the top of the roof. With the Slide Bar it is necessary for all items being fitted, such as roof boxeswater sports or bike carriers to have T-Track adapters.

Thule AeroBar

Thule AeroBar Thule AeroBar

These are the original aerodynamically designed predecessors to the current Wing Bar model. We still have stocks available in most sizes as we offer a great part exchange scheme, where customers can upgrade their existing non compatible bars (due to change of car) for a new set. We are therefore in a position to recycle the bars for resale at very desirable prices. Thule AeroBars also feature a T-Track slot along the full width of the bar and have the added advantage that as well as T-Tracks they can accommodate many of the older style roof box U-clamps which will fit around them.