Thule Round Trip Elite & Pro With Integrated Bike Stand

Thule's CEO Magnus Welander and Pro Cyclist Chris Van Dine introduces a brand new transport case at EuroBike 2013. Thule has brought a range of products such as water sport and winter sport carriers, but their biggest category is bike carriers and its transport solutions. At EuroBike 2013 Thule introduces products that you can bring with your bike or on your bike.

Including a child bike seat, child carriers a new "Thule RaceWay" rear mounted bike carrier and a new "Thule Sprint" fork mounted bike rack for on the roof of you vehicle.

Now showcasing two new transport cases where you can bring your bike with you and have a bike stand integrated into the bike case.

The heavier and more secure round trip elite ensure more security with its hard shell construction, while the Round Trip Pro is a soft shell with hard plastic protection being much lighter both integrated with a bike stand.

With there intelligent design they both work great with all types of bikes from road bikes, mountain bikes, 26", 27.5" and 29" wheels.

With its integrated bike stand it's not only easy to assemble your bike but also for maintaining your bike.

The new Round Trip is a game changer in transporting your bike from A to B.