Driving with a roof box

Driving with a top quality roof box on the roof of your car, such as the new Thule Motion 3, is a highly efficient and stylish way to increase your vehicle's luggage carrying capacity. However, it's important to consider a few basic factors and take certain precautions to ensure safe and comfortable driving.
Vehicle Stability - Adding a roof box to your car will slightly increase the car’s centre of gravity, which may affect the vehicle's stability, especially in windy conditions. In extreme conditions this may lead to increased body roll and might slightly impact handling and manoeuvrability. In such circumstances It's essential to adjust your driving accordingly and be aware of these changes.
Load Distribution - Properly distributing the weight inside the roof box is crucial for maintaining vehicle stability. Place heavier items at the bottom and toward the centre of the box to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible. Never over load the box or exceed the weight limit that is applicable to your car as well as the roof box. 
Speed and Wind - The aerodynamic design of the Thule Motion 3 helps reduce wind resistance and noise compared to older-style roof boxes. However, at higher speeds, you may still experience increased wind noise and a slight decrease in fuel efficiency due to the added drag. In such cases adjust your speed accordingly and be aware of any changes in handling.
Height Clearance - With the roof box installed, the overall height of your vehicle will increase. Take note of any height restrictions, such as low bridges, parking garages, or drive-throughs, to avoid potential collisions or damage. It's a good idea to measure the total height of your vehicle with the roof box before driving in unfamiliar areas.
Regular Maintenance - Always make sure that the roof box is securely attached to your vehicle's roof rack system and that all mounting components are in good condition before commencing a journey. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for maintenance and cleaning to prolong the life of the roof box.
Before using for the first time it's important to refer to the fitting and usage instructions provided by Thule for the Motion 3 roof box and also consult your vehicle's manual for any additional information or recommendations regarding driving with a roof box.
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