Thule Kayak Carrier 520-1

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Thule Kayak Support

Basic space saving carrier for transport of all types of kayaks

The 520-1 kayak support will enable a kayak to be carried on its side.  Although it is fairly basic when compared with other Thule kayak carriers, it is nonetheless extremely functional in its operation and ability as well as being a cost effecive solution to carrying a kayak. 
By purchasing an additional pair of 521 Load straps, a second kayak can be carried. 


  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Two sturdy 2.75 cm straps wth buckles included

Fits the following Thule roof bars:

  • WingBars
  • WingBar Edge
  • SlideBars
  • ProBars
  • Aero bars
  • Square bars
Do you need a pair of roof bars?  Click here to view our special Thule Roof Bar Packages 
Thule Kayak Carrier 520-1
Manufacturer SKU
Fulfils City Crash norm
Loading capacity Water Crafts
1 (2)
Fits AeroBar
Fits SlideBar
Fits SquareBar
Fits WingBar
Fits WingBar Edge
Length of strap (cm)
2 x 275
Lockable to carrier
TUV Approved

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