Thule DockGlide 896

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Thule DockGlide kayak carrier

A flexible kayak carrier with felt-lined pads that make it easer to load and unload

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  • Easily loading and unloading using felt-lined rear pads which help glide and centre a kayak
  • Two fully adjustable front pads that can be set to suit individual hull shapes
  • Protects the hull with large flexible cushioned pads
  • Easily to secure the kayak using the two load straps with protective rubber "buckle-bumpers"
  • Accommodates kayaks up to 90 cm wide and 35 kg
  • Supplied as two units for front and rear roof bars
  • Thule model number: 896000

Fits the following Thule roof bars:

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Thule DockGlide 896
Manufacturer SKU
Fulfils City Crash norm
Loading capacity Water Crafts
Fits AeroBar
Fits Thule Professional Bars
Fits SlideBar
Fits SquareBar
Fits WingBar
Fits WingBar Edge
Length of strap (cm)
2 x 400
Lockable to carrier
Rubber cover for strap buckle
TUV Approved

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