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Thule spare parts - 568 TopRide

roofracks.co.uk is the best place to obtain genuine spare parts for current as well as many previous models of Thule products.

When selecting spare parts, it is important to check that the product that the spare parts are required for is the same model as represented by the exploded diagram below. Unless stated otherwise, all products are normally sold as single pieces. Should any items not be shown or marked as discontinued, then, unfortunately, they will not be available for order.

Strap 54476

£6.95 incl. VAT

Rim protector 52670

£13.95 incl. VAT

Square and aero bar adapter 54483

£6.95 incl. VAT

Thru-axle adapter kit (568) 54482

£9.95 incl. VAT

Thru-axle adapter (568) 54481

£13.95 incl. VAT

Quick release adapter 54480

£67.95 incl. VAT

T-Track screw guide 54479

£2.95 incl. VAT

Thule Standard Keys x 2 XK

£19.95 incl. VAT

T-Bolt 54474

£6.95 incl. VAT

Attachment lever 54475

£13.95 incl. VAT

Adapter screw 52943

£6.95 incl. VAT

Barrel nut 50208

£6.95 incl. VAT