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Thule spare parts - Thule Vector is the best place to obtain genuine spare parts for current as well as many previous models of Thule products.

When selecting spare parts, it is important to check that the product that the spare parts are required for is the same model as represented by the exploded diagram below. Unless stated otherwise, all products are normally sold as single pieces. Should any items not be shown or marked as discontinued, then, unfortunately, they will not be available for order.

Thule Comfort Keys x 2 CXK

£24.95 incl. VAT

Thule Lock Barrel TLB

£9.95 incl. VAT

PowerClick G3 - strip 52822S

£9.95 incl. VAT

PowerClick G3 52822

£39.95 incl. VAT

Lid lifter kit ML 120 14958

£16.95 incl. VAT

Strap set - 220 cm 10719

£13.95 incl. VAT

Single strap - 220 cm 10720

£6.95 incl. VAT

Locking hinge 54191

£13.95 incl. VAT

Handle - left 54192

£26.95 incl. VAT

Handle - right 54193

£26.95 incl. VAT

Rear logo sticker 54194

£6.95 incl. VAT

Insert base - Large and Alpine 54195

£99.95 incl. VAT