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Peugeot roof bars / Roof Bars to fit Peugeot 508 by Thule

Peugeot 508 roof bars - roof racks

roof bars for Peugeot by Thule


Thule roof bars for a Peugeot 508

Thule roof bars are available for all Peugeot models, including the 508. With a set of premium Thule roof bars attached to the car roof, you can be entirely confident that the roof bars and their load will be completely safe and secure while travelling to and from your destination. Roof bars may carry a variety of items, including bike racks, roof boxes, roof tents, load platform, stand-up paddleboards, surfboard carriers, canoe and ski racks, bulky things, and much more.....

To find the best roof bar solution for your Peugeot 508, simply select your model from the list of Peugeot 508 variants below. You will then be able to see all the Thule roof bar and roof rack options for your car. In addition to complete roof bar packages, you will also be able to view the individual components. In some cases, if you already have an existing set of Thule roof bars, it's always worth checking our guide for compatibility of the parts used in the packages, since some of the key Thule roof bar components can often be reapplied on another vehicle.