Fiat Fiorino 2008 onwards

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Fiat Fiorino 2008 onwards - SWB - L1, low roof - H1 Fiat Fiorino 2008 onwards
SWB (L1) / low roof (H1)


  • roof height: 1721 mm
  • wheelbase: 2513 mm
  • vehicle length: 3864 mm

Please note that the image shown above is for illustration purposes only.

Important - To make sure that you choose the correct roof rack system, it is necessary to double check that your vehicle is the model and size listed above.
If uncertain, please compare your van's overall length, wheelbase and roof height measurements with the dimensions shown. 

Rhino 2 bar Delta System WB2D-B32

£82.95 ex. VAT

Rhino 3 bar Delta System WB3D-B33K

£134.95 ex. VAT

Rhino Modular rack system R588

£233.82 ex. VAT

Rhino Aluminium rack system AH588

£309.32 ex. VAT

Rhino DeltaBar Rear Roller 750-S225P

£37.46 ex. VAT

Rhino LadderStow RAS37

£152.46 ex. VAT

£225.00 ex. VAT

Rhino SafeStow4 Single ladder RAS16-SK21

£712.50 ex. VAT

Rhino SafeStow4 Double ladder RAS16-SK22

£855.00 ex. VAT

Rhino SafeStow4 Extra-wide ladder RAS16-SK23

£735.00 ex. VAT

Rhino SafeStow4 Double CAT ladder RAS16-SK25

£750.00 ex. VAT

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