Thule Evo ProBars (pair) 135cm 391

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Thule Evo ProBars 135 cm (2 pack)

Thule Evo ProBars are heavy duty load bars that feature twin T-track slots to enable multi carrying of accessories. For instance, you can mount load stops or a ladder carrier etc in the top track., whilst in the rear track, you can add a roller and eye bolts etc. The combinations offer endless possibilities. Another advantage of the Evo ProBar is that, unlike other models of Thule roof bars, you are not limited by width. In most cases, wider than recommended bars can be used providing the bar doesn't project outside the vehicle by more than 305 mm per side.

Useful tip from "Thule Evo ProBars can be cut down on one end to customise to the exact width needed. Replacing the end cap neatly hides the cut"

Thule Evo ProBar   Thule Evo ProBar


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  • Twin T-Track slots allow a full range of accessories to be fitted independently or combined
  • Maximum load capacity 50kg per bar, subject to the maximum load capacity of the vehicle
  • Ideal for use on cars, SUVs, vans & motor homes for heavy loads such as a car roof tent
  • Recommended for use with Thule 898 Hullavator Pro kayak carrier
  • Wider Evo ProBars can be used subject to vehicle's overall width not being exceeded
  • Compatible with all Thule roof rack foot packs
  • Supplied as a pair of roof bars, including rubber inserts and four end caps

Thule Evo ProBars are available in the following bar lengths


  • Roof bar dimensions: 50 mm wide x 40 mm height
  • Roof bar length: 135 cm
  • Thule model number: 391000

It is important to use our Thule Roof Bar Guide to select the correct length Evo ProBars for your vehicle

TUV certification City Crash certification

Thule Evo ProBars (pair) 135cm 391
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