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Bike racks for Motorhomes and Motor Caravans with garage storage areas

If your RV is equipped with a garage storage area and you want to store your bikes securely in the most convenient and simplest way possible, then you need a Thule VeloSlide. With a VeloSlide fitted to the floor of your garage, your bikes are effortlessly pushed and locked into place in the garage instantly with the peace of mind that they will be perfectly secure throughout the journey. The VeloSlide is designed to carry all types of bikes, bar a tandem and is the ideal solution for carrying and storing a brace of electric bikes!

Thule VeloSlide 302014

£699.95 incl. VAT

£741.41 incl. VAT

Thule Sport G2 Garage 306574

£194.95 incl. VAT

£210.00 incl. VAT