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Thule WingBar

Not only is the Thule WingBar safe, stylish and aerodynamic, it's also extremely quiet. In fact, it's so quiet, one can easily forget it's mounted on the roof altogether! Whether you are biking, kayaking, skiing or whatever – the Thule Wing Bar will enable you to engage in an active lifestyle to the full!

Thule put it to the test in their wind tunnel

And it showed a result of 13 dB lower noise than the previous Thule AeroBars. So what does this mean? Well decibels are hard to explain. The scale is logarithmic. Every three decibels means double the sound energy. So, 13 dB equates to half of half of half of half. Therefore it produces only 6% of the original bars sound energy. Basically this means they are virtually silent!

Thule WingBar TrailEdge


Smoothly curved for a perfect fit








Lightweight Aluminium


T-Track for fast mounting


Thule WingBar Trail


The WingBar's design registered TrailEdge uses sharp rounded corners, much like many current popular fuel-efficient vehicles. This promote clean air release behind the bar, helping to reduce aerodynamic drag and to minimise any adverse effect on fuel consumption.


lower than Thule AeroBar this means 90% less sound energy


dragforce reduction vs Thule AeroBar


lower sound energy than Thule AeroBar

Thule WingBar Frequency

years warranty

Always get a perfect fit with Thule Wing Bars

The length of the roof bar is determined by the car width and the position of the roof bar fixing points or roof rails. However, for most of Thule's load carrier systems you can choose between the elegant aluminium wing bars together with a vehicle specific fitting kit or the more basic original classic square bars. In comparison aluminium wing bars are lighter, more aerodynamic and quieter as well as more fuel efficient.


Thule Wing bars have an integrated T-track that allows you to use the full width of the roof bars for fitting all kinds of load accessories. The ingenious T-Track feature is especially useful when carrying several bikes or a roof box and bikes on the roof. When you change load accessories, e.g. from bike carrier to ski carrier, simply slide in and attach the new accessory. You can use the full length of the wing bar, even the space above the load carrier foot, to enable several accessories to be fitted on the car roof.

To place an on line order for wing bars please go to the Thule Roof Bar Guide and submit your vehicle details or phone our sales department on 01732 884408.


  1. View Thule WingBar PDF Fitting Instructions
  2. WindDiffuser™. Extremely silent through wing shaped profile in combination with structured rubber-insert.Thule WingBar generates 90% less sound energy than the previous Thule AeroBar
  3. SmartSlide™. Easy to use through innovative length scale list
  4. TrailEdge™. Designed to reduce wind drag and improve fuel economy
  5. WingPlug™. Easy fitting of accessories through top mounted T-track and innovative end plug
  6. Excellent aero dynamical properties, drag force is reduced with 55% vs. previous Thule AeroBar
  7. Smoothly curved aerodynamic profile for best appearance
  8. Designed for the high standards of the automotive industry, the Thule WingBar has a maximum load of 100kg and is ISO City Crash and TÜV GS approved
  9. Fits all current Thule Rapid System load carrier feet
  10. All current major Thule roof box fixing systems and most Thule accessories (e.g. bike carriers, water sport carriers, ski carriers etc.) fits securely to Thule WingBar profile. However in a very few cases specific T track adapter accessories may be required
  11. Wing bars are available in 5 lengths from 108-150cm
  12. Thule 960 aeroBar 108cm
  13. Thule 961 aeroBar 118cm
  14. Thule 962 aeroBar 135cm
  15. Thule 963 aeroBar 150cm
  16. Thule 969 aeroBar 127cm
  17. Please use the Thule Roof Bar Guide to find out what are the correct components needed for your car

Thule Wing Bars (pair)

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Important: You must consult the Thule Fit Guide when ordering this item to ensure this is the correct product for your car.

Thule Wing Bars Black (pair)

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Important: You must consult the Thule Fit Guide when ordering this item to ensure this is the correct product for your car.